Saturday, July 3, 2010

Optimism 101: the "2015" Dalek

Finally, an update with some meat on its bones.

This is my own take on a “new” Dalek design, whipped up in a Blender not long after pictures of the Series Five New Paradigm Daleks were leaked back in April. Since the NPDs were all about new for the sake of new and different for the sake of different, the idea with the 2015 was to take “existing” Dalek parts and measurements and try to produce something interesting, a logical progression of the design to replace the 2005-2010 NSD.

The name “2015” is, obviously (or at least, it should be obvious), a tongue-in-cheek dig at the 2010 Daleks; the hope – my hope – is that if Doctor Who gets a new producer in another five years (assuming Russell T. Davies’ five-year run was in any way a precedent), it will be somebody with a little more respect for the Daleks, what makes them Daleks, and why they lasted so long with so few changes made to their shape. Somebody who will, in a publicity stunt to end all publicity stunts, line the NPD props up on the edge of a very high cliff and unceremoniously shove them off.

The 2015:

The neck section: no struts, but a more complex shape to the bin.

Color schemes: After experimenting with classic liveries like the Resurrection gray and black and the Cushing movies’ bright blues and golds, I settled on a kind of subtle pale blue and silver for the drone. Colorful enough, but not garish.

Some other variants: